The Hidden Meaning of Flowers

Flowers, the beautiful gifts of nature.
They’re beautiful and fragrant. They help us express joy, sorrow, love, and so many other sentiments.
In fact, flowers are a perfect symbol of human life. They are born, they grow, they bloom, and finally they wither and die. Just like we humans do.
Flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our lives, such as birthdays, funerals, graduation, and weddings. Some flowers have religious significance too.
You must consider flower meanings before gifting them if you want to convey the right message.

  • What flower should we use for what occasion?
  • What flower should you use on a birthday and what flower should you use at a funeral?
  • What flower should you pick to express a particular sentiment?
  • What is the best flower you can give to someone you love intensely?
  • What flower should you never gift a friend or a family member?

Come, today we’ll explore the meanings and sentiments attached behind some common flowers.

Carnations are rich with symbolism and meaning. They’re worn on Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and at weddings. This fragrant flower is also the state flower of Ohio, USA. It’s also the January birth month flower and the 1st wedding anniversary flower.
Carnation in general expresses love and fascination, but every color carnation has its on special meaning.
Red carnation says, “My heart aches for you” and it’s a symbol of admiration.
A pink carnation symbolizes mother’s love.
Pink carnations are also used in funeral arrangements to denote lasting friendship and undying remembrance. A pink carnation says: “I’ll never forget you.”
Purple carnations are a symbol of capriciousness.
A yellow carnation symbolizes disdain or rejection.
On the other hand, a white carnation symbolizes innocence and pure love.
A striped carnation conveys refusal. It says, “No, sorry, I can’t.”
A white carnation means sweet and lovely.


The chrysanthemum is the November birth flower and the 13th wedding anniversary flower. It’s also the official flower of the city of Chicago and the unofficial national flower of Japan.
Chrysanthemum, in general, symbolizes love, joy, optimism and long life.
But this beautiful flower can mean something different in different parts of the world.
In Asia, the chrysanthemum signifies life and rebirth, and it’s a great gift for a birthday.
In Europe, the flowers are commonly used in funeral arrangements and placed on graves.
In America, the chrysanthemum is typically seen as a flower that signifies respect and honor.
The color of this flower can also affect its meaning.
A red chrysanthemum conveys love. So if you receive a red chrysanthemum from someone, it means the person is expressing love.
On the other hand, a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes neglected love, or sorrow.
A white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and devoted love.


Daffodil – this flower has been made immortal by the nature poet William Wordsworth. And why not, this beautiful flower symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life. This flower blossoms in spring and is seen not only as a sign of winter’s end but also as a lucky emblem of future prosperity.
The daffodil is the March birth flower and the 10th wedding anniversary flower.
Warning: Never give someone a single bloom of daffodil! Instead, give them a bunch of daffodils.
Legends say that a bunch of daffodils brings someone good fortune while a single daffodil can bring the person misfortune.


If you want to express your love to someone but don’t want to reveal your identity, present them with the gardenia flower secretly. This flower is a symbol of secret love. But of course, the gardenia can also be given to friends and family to let them know how lovely they are. Gardenias are also often added to wedding bouquets.

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