The Hidden Meaning of Flowers


The Gladiolus is the August birth flower and 40th wedding anniversary flower.
The gladiolus flower symbolizes honor, respect, faithfulness, strength of character, and remembrance.
These attractive flowers are used in floral displays at a variety of celebrations.
The pointed leaves of this flower are reminiscent of the swords of the gladiators of ancient Rome.


This highly fragrant flower hyacinth is named after a mythical young Greek hero named Hyakinthos. He was killed by Zephyr /ˈzef.ər/ the god of the west wind out of jealousy. So today, a yellow hyacinth represents jealousy. But a purple hyacinth symbolizes deep regret and asking for forgiveness. Offer this flower to someone if you have acted thoughtlessly.
A white hyacinth means loveliness or prayers for someone.
A red hyacinth signifies recreation and play.


The iris is the birth flower for those born in February. It’s also the the 25th wedding anniversary flower.
This flower is named after the Greek goddess Iris who is considered to be the messenger of love and uses the rainbow to travel between heaven and earth.
The iris flower means different things to people in different cultures. Some of its most common meanings are love, faith, hope, wisdom, courage and royalty.
In France, the iris is a national symbol.


The lilac is the 8th wedding anniversary flower.
The lilac flower is related to expressing love or affection.
Especially, the purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love.
White lilacs represent youthful innocence.


The lily is the birth flower for those born in the month of May. It is also the 30th anniversery flower. And not to forget, the lily of the valley is the 2nd wedding anniversary flower.
Lilies in general symbolize purity, passion, devotion, renewal and rebirth.
White lily in particular symbolizes virtue and virginity.
Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart. The Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary.
Lilies are most often associated with funerals.

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