The Hidden Meaning of Flowers

bird of paradise

Look at this magnificent flower. It does look like a celestial bird, doesn’t it? No wonder it’s called the bird of paradise. This flower is native to south Africa and represents, not surprisingly, paradise itself. It’s also a symbol of joyfulness. It’s a 9th wedding anniversary flower.


The rose is probably the most beloved and widely known flower of all.
Everyone knows the rose symbolizes love, passion and beauty.
But of course, different meanings are associated with different color roses.
The red rose is the quintessential gift to express romantic love.
The pink rose is appropriate for many purposes. For example, you can give it to someone to say thanks or to cheer them up
A white rose is especially given to a friend or a loved one in recognition of a new beginning or a farewell.
An orange rose can say a lot of things, including congratulations, thanks or even “I love you”.
The yellow rose is often associated with the warmth and energy of the sun. So it is commonly used to express warm feelings of friendship and rejuvenation.
The rose is the June birth month flower and the 15th wedding anniversary flower. It is also the national flower of the United States of America.


The tulip is the third most popular flower in the world, after the rose and chrysanthemum. The Turkish growers who were the first to cultivate this flower considered it a symbol of paradise on earth.
Today each color tulip carries a different meaning of its own.
Yellow tulips symbolize unrequited love. You send them to someone knowing that they won’t return your feelings.
White tulips convey forgiveness.
Purple tulips represent royalty, abundance and prosperity.
And the epitome of all, the red tulip, signifies passion and perfect love. It is only given to a lover and not to a friend or a family member.
Pink tulip also represents love and affection, but it is less intense, and can be given to family and friends.
And did you know that the tulip is the 11th wedding anniversary flower?

Well, we could cover only this much for today on the meaning and symbolism of flowers.
We have different videos for wedding anniversary flowers, birth month flowers, and flowers of different colors.
Hope you’ll watch them all.

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